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A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR

For Xbox One

Not compatible with PS4™

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A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR

For Xbox One

Not compatible with PS4™



  • Comfort & Durability

    Lightweight, rugged construction with premium materials for a highly adjustable, pressure-free fit.


    Tuned for Gaming, ASTRO Audio was developed with pro gamers and game designers to deliver clarity and detail at every frequency and volume level.

  • Mod Kit Ready

    Features synthetic leather noise-isolating ear cushions, voice-isolating mic, padded headband and closed-back Speaker Tags.

  • Dolby® Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound

    Dolby® Headphone 7.1 Surround delivers cinematic, 3D gaming audio experience, and broadcasts Dolby out to streaming audiences.

  • Customizable Stream Output

    Control what your stream audience hears, including chat and game audio levels. Broadcast in 2-channel Dolby Surround Sound.

  • USB Soundcard Functionality

    When using PC, USB sound card functionality provides Game:Voice Balance, game and voice streaming. No optical cable needed.


    The magnetic Speaker Tag system lets you personalize your pair. Buy special editions or design your own using the Speaker Tag Customizer.

  • Swappable Boom Microphone

    Highly sensitive uni-directional mic that focuses on your voice and minimizes background noise.

  • Digital Daisy Chain

    Faster than the speed of sound, this fully digital connection enables interference and lag-free local voice communications.

  • ASTRO Command Center Software

    Customize input/output levels, adjust Noise Gate and Sidetone, and create & share custom EQ presets with this free software.

  • Game:Voice Balance

    A feature that ASTRO pioneered, game:voice balancing allows easy adjustment of the ratio of game audio to voice chat players experience.


The ASTRO A40 TR Headset for Xbox One, PC, and Mac is the premier gaming audio solution for professional gamers, including esports athletes, content creators, streamers, and game developers. It was developed with esports athletes to meet their rigorous standards for audio fidelity, comfort, and durability. Able to adapt to any environment, the A40 TR arrives as an open-back headset featuring a swappable precision mic and customizable speaker tags. For loud environments such as pro tournaments, one can transform the A40 TR to a closed-back noise-isolating headset by adding a Mod Kit (sold separately) which features sealed speaker tags, synthetic leather ear cushions, and a voice-isolating microphone. For VR gamers, the A40 TR will fit perfectly over the HTC Vive, Oculus, or PS VR and deliver an immersive audio experience. The MixAmp Pro TR features Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing and enables lag and interference free delivery of game sound and voice communication to the A40 TR Headset. Its simple controls allow for quick adjustment of game-to-voice balance settings, determining how much game sound and voice chat the user hears. It also allows users to select 1 of 4 different EQ modes optimized for different game genres, as well as providing master volume control. All these features make the ASTRO A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Pro TR not only the best pro gaming headset setup, but also the ideal headset for streaming and the ultimate audio solution for all gamers and audiophiles. All TR products are the Official Equipment of Call of Duty, the leading console esports title globally.

Ships With

White ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR


A40 TR Headset
A40 TR Microphone
ASTRO Speaker Tags
MixAmp Pro TR


2.0m A40 TR Inline Mute Cable
3.0m TOSlink Optical Cable
3.0m Micro-USB Cable
0.5m Digital Daisy Chain Cable


A40 TR Headset SPECS

Transducer Principle

Dynamic, Open 40mm Sound Driver tuned for Gaming

Frequency Response

20 - 20,000 Hz


THD < 0.1%


6.0mm uni-directional with noise gate

Nominal Impedance

48 ohms

Headband Pressure


Ear Coupling


Weight w/o Cable

369 grams


3.5mm 5-pole Mini-stereo and PC Splitter


Inputs Rear

TOSlink, USB micro-B (audio/power), 3.5mm Stream Output

Frequency Response

10Hz-24,000 Hz

Power Input

250mA at 5V

Power Output

100dB SPL at 125Hz (80% at 0dBFS)

Inputs Front

Headset connector, 3.5mm Aux in, Two digital daisy chain ports

Product Reviews
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Love the headset

Highly recommend this headset. I was always a big supporter of Turtle Beaches ever since MW2 and WaW came out for CoD, but the new Turtle Beaches are a huge disappointment. Returned them, and decided to try out the Astro A40's which was the best decision. All-day comfort, adjustable settings including mic monitoring and mic sensitivity. If you are looking for a high quality, high performance headset, you have to buy this.

Turtle beach headset....

Where to start! Turtle Beach fan boy here. Over the past 6 years I’ve always thought the TB headsets were the best. BOY WAS I WRONG!I purchased my headset 3 days ago (12/07/18) I plugged in and set the Mixamp and slapped my headset on. Thinking I was going to be disappointed.Right out the box the quality felt amazing. Didn’t feel cheap at all. The comfort is amazing as well. Usually after a few hours of gaming my ears would hurt from the headset cups and usually feel too small. The A40 is all around worth every penny thrown at it. I’m impressed on how loud they are and don’t rattle or cut our. Amazed by the sheer comfort given to the user. It’s very simple to hook up and understand as well. Ohhh and the mic quality is out of this world. I’m officially an Astro fan. Gave my girl my Turtle Beaches.If I could get one thing to be different, it would be to have a larger selection of mod kits or just speaker plates and maybe a few stickers in the box for the ones who want to represent. That’s it!!! Save your penny’s to buy this. Mow a lawn or shovel snow if your parents think it’s too expensive or save a few dollars extra from your work check. This is what quality is! Don’t think twice and look at the competition.

Everything you ever hope for

So what can i say? So for the past 2 weeks i've been trying to find a headset that I can mix other audio signals into my game audio/chat audio.. (discord chat audio from mobile phone to game audio) with absolutely no luck at all. How ever i finally decided to try these Astros A40 TR +mixamp pro... was exactly what I was hoping for. I can mix in any audio signal with no buzz/hiss/crackle and STILL be able to use the headset's microphone for in game purposes. Works like a charm, check it out, you wont be disappointed..
Xbox One

Headset is amazing

Overall The best headset I have ever owned, The quality is great and the sound + sound customization is just amazing. The Mixamp is convenient and easy to use. I love my A40 TR+Mixamp and if you're a serious gamer then I recommend these over every other headset.
loin de toi

goodess headphone ever

2 years ago was a fan of turtle beach but they were broked every two months but now i am big fan of Astro my first headphone from Astro it's the A10 now i by the A40 and you can see and ears the evolution from the A10 to the A40 I really like them. you shud really put sticker in the box so I can put it on my lap top and on my xbox
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